Top 7 Movies with Martial Arts

Martial arts movies have long been a staple of the movie industry. Some movies are known for their excellence and others known for how much they make you laugh in disbelief. So, what martial arts movies are required watching for every Kung Fu aficionado.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon- Directed by Ang Lee, and starring Yun-Fat Chow and Michelle Yeoh, this is by far one of the most visually stimulating cinema experiences out there. Chow was a favorite of director John Woo and brings his stunning abilities to Lee’s classic

IP Man- Directed by Wilson Yip, starring Donnie Yen, this film is a semi biography lightly based on Bruce Lee’s master, Yip Man. Donnie Yen is also known for his role in Blade II as Snowman.

The Last Airbender- Directed by M. Night Shyamalan and stars Noah Ringer. Ringer was born in Texas where he learned American Taekwondo. Bringing a fresh style to the screen, Noah Ringer was picked up in a casting call for this movie.

Kung Fu Hustle- Directed by Stephen Chow who also stars as the lead role. This movie karate chops the idea that a Kung Fu movie needs to be serious. With crazy antics and simply stunning fighting styles you are sure to have a good time with this one.

The Forbidden Kingdom- Directed by Rob Minkoff, and starring the powerhouses Jackie Chan and Jet Li, this is the first movie these two actors have come together in. Between the amazing fight scenes and banter between Li and Chan, you will not be disappointed.

Hero- Directed by Zhang Yimou, this story driven movie stars Jet Li. Based in historical China you will witness history, beauty, and style you would expect from a movie of this title. Interestingly enough the American release was group effort between Quentin Tarantino and Disney if you can believe it.

Enter the Dragon- Perhaps one of the most well-known Kung Fu movies of all times, director Robert Clouse, and martial arts power house Bruce Lee himself, bring you a tale of greed, deceit, and love. With its old school sound effects and Lee’s patented “waaaaahhhhhhh” you should not even pretend to call yourself a Kung Fu fan unless you have watched this at least 100 times.