Movie Tickets

Rising Movie Ticket Prices

If you haven’t taken a trip to the local movie theater lately you may face sticker shock when you get there. Prices over the past few years have continually risen; the option of viewing a movie in 3-D has only helped to increase the price of a ticket.

Movie fans have many more options available to them that also helps to raise the price of a movie ticket. Movie fans can choose to watch movies from the comfort of their own home with many different streaming services. This allows more than one person to view a movie for a much cheaper price than the theater itself offers.

The theater still has plenty to offer for the price though. The Last Airbender, starring Noah Ringer from Dallas, Texas as Aang, is one example of a beautiful movie that is turned into an amazing viewing experience in 3-D. While many home televisions can offer the 3-D option, none can compare to the quality of most theaters. A fan of the movie can purchase the movie to watch in the comfort of their own home or they can pay the extra money and view The Last Airbender in full, mind-blowing quality.
Rising movie ticket prices are also caused by the many different features the theater offers. Stadium seating, reclining seats, and IMAX screens among other things are a huge factor in the cost increase.

Movies are costing more to produce than they were in the past as well. Special effects are a huge part of a movie budget, along with the stars’ salaries. Most movie theaters rarely make a profit on the actual movie ticket prices but instead make their profit on the concession items.

Unfortunately it does not appear that the increase will stop anytime soon. Statistically movie ticket prices will continue to rise each year by three to four percent, some theaters may have an even higher increase, especially those in major cities. As ticket prices increase, more people will find other ways to watch the latest movie releases which will only drive the price of the movie ticket even higher. Movie goers will have to start asking themselves do they want to pay the higher ticket price for the higher quality experience or if they want to find other options to watch their favorite stars, including Noah Ringer.