Noah Ringer to star in “The Peppercorn Chronicles” in 2014

Noah Ringer is adding another impressive entry to his resume by agreeing to star in the upcoming film “The Peppercorn Chronicles.”

The movie is based loosely on a short film called “Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room,” which won best short film at the 2011 HollyShorts Film Festival. Filmmaker Mike Le Han also wrote the screenplay with his wife, Helen. The British couple is partnering with the production company Black Lake.

Ringer is co-starring with Jodelle Ferland and Michael Eklund. Ferland is best known for her supporting turn in the film “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” while Eklund has appeared in the movie “The Call” with Halle Berry and Abagail Breslin.

“The Peppercorn Chronicles” will be Ringer’s third high-profile film in his young career, following 2010’s “The Last Airbender” and 2011’s “Cowboys & Aliens.” Ringer received the “Coming of Age” Best Actor award from for his work in director M. Night Shyamalan’s “Airbender.”

Like Ringer’s previous two films, “The Peppercorn Chronicles” is broad in scope, as filmmakers are planning a trilogy of films. The movies revolve a teen girl’s adventures at fictional Black Lake. The girl meets the son of a local baker, and the two discover the dark secrets that the area holds, eventually uncovering the truth about the girl’s presence in the town. The story has been compared favorably to “Twilight” and “Harry Potter,” further fueling talk of a potential franchise.

The film is shooting in both the United States and Hungary beginning in early 2014. The release date for the movie has yet to be announced.

Ringer first leaked word of his involvement in the project through social media in September 2013, though he did not mention “The Peppercorn Chronicles” specifically. The movie is in line with his previous two roles, as all three incorporate elements of fantasy and science fiction.

In “The Last Airbender,” Ringer played the character of Aang, which marked his debut in feature films. In addition to award from, Ringer also received a nomination for Best Performance By a Leading Young Actor at the Young Artists Awards. Ringer parlayed that success into the role of Emmett Taggart in “Cowboys & Aliens,” a movie that also starred Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig.