Karolina Kurkova’s Birthday Party in South Beach

Miami is the Magic City and that magic was definitely on display at supermodel Karolina Kurkova’s birthday party. It took place at the new South Beach restaurant called “Prey,” which is located on the rooftop at 1 Hotel South Beach. Prey is a very eco-conscious, pop-up sushi restaurant. Prey occupies a rooftop space in South Beach until April 30.

Prey Restaurant’s innovative Chef Bun Lai uses the environmentally- aware concept of serving on the menu mostly plants and animal species that have become invasive. This means that particular animals and plants are overgrown or simply do not belong in certain regions in such high numbers. They are harming the ecosystem, thus removing them helps the environment. Examples of fish that have become invasive in the South Florida region include Lionfish. Other menu items include Roast Feral Pig and
Tempura Weed Che.

Karolina Kurkova attended the party with her husband, Archie Drury. Her parents Josef Kurka and Eva Kurkova. Those in attendance were able to enjoy I Hotel South Beach’s presentation of a lovely view of the Miami skyline and the gorgeous, world-famous Miami Beach ocean view. The birthday party was also attended by Jackie Soffer http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/design-district-mastermind-marries-aventura-mall-chief-7874029 and her husband, Craig Robins. Also in attendance was Kinga Lampert.

Chef Bun Lai has a theory that people can restore harmony to ecology by deciding to consume invasive plants and animals that are ruining the ecology. To this end, he presents a very unique menu that in many cases he personally hunts, forages and dives in the Florida Everglades region to find the required and perfect ingredients. The restaurant is closed for dinner Monday and Tuesday nights. Chef Bun Lai comes from a strong culinary background, as his parents have owned and operated acclaimed sushi restaurant Miya’s in New Haven, Connecticut for thirty-five years.

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova certainly knows how to celebrate her birthday in eco-friendly style. Her 32nd birthday was certainly totally unique as she dined on invasive plants and animal species. Highly acclaimed Chef Bun Lai worked his culinary magic for her birthday in high style, all the while helping the ecosystem in South Florida.