Is Noah Ringer getting a reward?

It’s film awards time again, and everyone is buzzing about who will receive nominations. Noah Ringer could be nominated for his excellent role as Aang in The Last Airbender, which was directed by M. Night Shyamalan himself.

But what’s so different and special about this actor from the rest? Well Noah Ringer was born in our own Dallas, Texas, in November 1996. To be so young and already staring in movies like The Last Airbender and Cowboys & Aliens is astounding enough. Not to mention he is a practitioner in martial arts. So all those awesome moves he performs are all his own. Noah started learning XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) to choreography his own stunts, and has learned several more since then, such as baguazhang, t’ai chi, and wushu! And he is already teaching other students in what he knows, wow!

Some facts about Noah Ringer;
He doesn’t watch much television, but he does have DVDs of his favorite t.v. shows, The Cosby Show and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Noah did not attend to public school like most of us, instead he was home-schooled. He has a few pets, Ringer has two dogs and two rats, how nontraditional! His favorite actor is the great Denzel Washington, who doesn’t like some Denzel. And Noah’s favorite movies are The Blind Side, Remember The Titans, and The Greatest Game Ever Played.

Noah’s hobbies include golf, basketball, tennis, table tennis, reading, practicing magic, creating and editing videos, wrestling, and snow skiing. So Noah Ringer has a lot of his plate, and isn’t just talented in martial arts and acting!

Some things you might not have known about The Last Airbender; when Noah went to audition for the part, he had never acted before, and he wore his Halloween costume to do so! I bet he was so surprised when he got the part, he had never even thought about acting before, and now he loves it! He was only thirteen years old in the movie, and the total gross for the movie to date is $131,772,187!

To be a young boy of so many talents and to be so down to earth, how could he not win an award for all the hard work he has done? How many actors can you say actually perform their own stunts and martial art moves. Noah Ringer, you deserve to be nominated for all awards! Keep your fingers crossed everyone!